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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote the growth of export market by supplying best quality fruits from the Kutch region.

Our Mission 

  • We are engaged in continuous improvement in our quality by sorting and grading the fruits at all the stages for capturing the export market.
  • Our objective is to provide best fruits as well as best packaging services for our export customers.


About Gorasiya Farm

Gorasiya Farm is one of the largest farms in India producing Barhi dates and other exotic fruits. We have more than 25 years of experience in farming. we started agriculture practices from our small farm in Mankuva village, where our ancestors used to grow sugarcane and mangoes. with intense agricultural practices and hard work we were able to develop our farming background. we started growing Mangoes, Sapota in large scale in late 90′s. with good farm income from our family farm, we decided to expand our existing farm and bought another farm in Baladiya village. in 2005 we bought good piece of farm land and started cultivating the Dates palm that was imported and tissue cultured from Israel. 

Currently, we have around 5500 dates palm planted in our farm in total area of 120 acres of land. The entire dates palm has been tissue cultured from Israel for consistent quality of date’s fruit.

Our season for fresh dates begins from July and lasts till end of August. Our annual production of Barhi dates is of 1000 metric tons depending upon season and weather conditions. All the necessary steps are taken by farm members to ensure that our customers get fresh dates throughout the season. Irrigation in our farm is mainly done using drip irrigation system that ensures use of less water and thereby save precious water.

We are also engaged in cultivation of fruits like Pomelo & Mangosteen. With the help of intense research and development, we have been able to develop a new variety of Pomelo and Mangosteen plants. Also we are doing intense research on exotic fruits like Langsat, Rambutan and Bread Fruit. 

Allied Companies

  • Swaminarayan Vijay Carry Trade Pvt Ltd: SVCT Pvt Ltd is our Indian company engaged in Stevedoring and transportation business. Company has unique history of 40 years of business.
  • Sagoma Impex: Sagoma Impex is our export-import company based in Bhuj kutch. They are involved in trading various items in different countries.

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