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  • Fresh Dates are good source of fructose & glucose.
  • Dates are rich in Calcium and help strengthen the bones.
  • Dates are rich in fibers, which helps in better digestion.



Fresh Dates as we all know grow in desert areas and require hot temperature with limited humidity to grow. Harvesting is done when fruit turns yellow. The harvesting season of “Barhi” variety which is grown in the farm starts at the end of June and continues up to six weeks depending upon the weather.

  • We have Barhi dates plantation in 120 acres of land.
  • We have more than 5500 Barhi date palms
  • Our annual production is more than 1000 tons.
  • We do supply our fresh produce to all major retailers and wholesalers in India.
  • We have packaging available in 500 grams punnet pack, 500 grams tubes pack, 5 kg box packing and 10 kg box packing.
Dietary value, per 100 gms edible portion
Fresh Barhee Dates
(“Khalal” Stage’)
Carbohydrate 47.98%
Dietary Fibre 1/98%
Energy 201Kcal
Protein 1.98%
Calcium 222 ppm
Potassium 2721 ppm
Phosphorous  532 ppm
Magnesium  337 ppm
Sodium 45 ppm
Iron 6 ppm
Vitamin B3 2.93 mg
Vitamin A 0.15 mg